Name: Alicia Owen

Position: National Account Manager at Windmill Organics

Alpine Accreditation #: 01020

Course completion date: 18/12/2020

The Alpine Complete National Account Manager course was the perfect overview of all things a NAM deals with, as well as viewing things from a buyers perspective. The course covers so many areas and I developed lots of new skills which I am applying daily, both professionally and personally. It is great to learn from someone who has a large amount of experience within the industry and Dave provides you with a number of tools that have worked for him throughout his career. I would recommend this course to anyone selling to supermarkets in the Food/Drink sector.


Name: Katie Gorwits

Position: Sales & account manager at Tea Venture Ltd

Alpine Accreditation #: 01016

Course completion date: 30/10/2020

I just completed Dave's Alpine Account Management course which took place over 6 weeks. Throughout the course, Dave shared his knowledge and provided us with the foundations in order to be the best possible Account Manager we can be. He was attentive, encouraging, and always to hand if we had any questions. Professionally, I have taken away so many new skills that I can apply to my work and on a personal level more confidence in myself. Thanks so much Dave! 


Name: Daniel Pope

Position: Account manager at Mani-Life

Alpine Accreditation #: 

Course completion date: 25/09/2020

The Alpine course with Dave was fantastic, it gave me a thorough insight into how big mults work and I feel so much more prepared to work with bigger accounts. Recommend for every sales personstarting out in Food and Drink.


Name: Jamie Hirsch

Position: Founder Export & Amazon account manager at Mani-Life

Alpine Accreditation #: 01017

Course completion date: 30/10/2020

The Alpine course is a great introduction to all the elements thatmake a great Account Manager. With short sessions weekly, it is easy to fit in around day to day work, and adds a vast amount of strategic thinking that can be applied straight away.


Name: William Coles

Position: Account Manager 

Alpine Accreditation #: 01014

Course completion date: 30/10/2020

Alpine offered me a great way to learn about account management, something that is not easy to find at the moment with me being new to the industry and working from home

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Name: Sarah Hilleary

Position: Founder & Chief Temptation Officer at Birubi Ltd / B-Tempted Gluten Free

Alpine Accreditation #: 01013

Course completion date: 25/09/2020


Name: Bill Thain

Position: National Account Manager, Mackies

Alpine Accreditation #: 01012

Course completion date: 25/09/2020

This was a very informative and interactive course and the clearly structured themed weekly sessions is ideally suited to the new virtual way of working with our customers.  The use of real life scenarios and being able to deal with everyday problem solving and identifying opportunities, while ultimately having the necessary tools to be able to confidently approach these brought the whole course to life for me, and was expertly presented by Dave Knowles.  I would highly recommend the course to any aspiring account manager out there who wishes to maximise their potential and I will definitely be applying the new skills and knowledge learned from this course in my everyday duties within my role at Mackie’s


Name: Nicola Turnbull

Position: National Account Manager

Alpine Accreditation #: 01011

Course completion date: 24/08/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicola-turnbull-9abb0b73/

I found this course to offer learning that is practical for an account manager on an everyday basis. The content was informative and real life FMCG examples and tools brought it to life. The learning work each week was based on problems/opportunities that you would face as an account manager and the ability to use the SKUtrak platform to complete them was a great benefit along with the review and feedback given by Dave.


Name: Craig Cunningham

Position: Sales Operations Manager

Organisation: 71 Brewing

Alpine Accreditation #: 01010

Course completion date: 31/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/71-brewing-limited/about/

It has most certainly been the most useful course I've done, I've done a fair few different ones and I always go in with an open mind but sometimes find they are not relevant, not precise and sometimes learn no new skills or information. Every week for this one I've learnt something new or practical I can apply.


Name: Marco Cilenti

Position: Key Account Manager

Organisation: Ilkley Brewery

Alpine Accreditation #: 01009

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marco-cilenti-4251a919/

I highly recommend Dave Knowles and the Alpine Account Management Ltd training system. Having worked with Dave at Innis & Gunn I saw first-hand how formidable and consistent his sales record is. This Alpine program is completely holistic. A comercial, organisational and emotional intelligence based operating model with practical assessments and one 2 one role-plays to push you and develop throughout. All modules are followed up with constructive feedback, and the offer of a personal phone call if desired. I’ve already used some of the tools and knowledge picked up over the course in real-life work scenarios, and it’s given me the confidence to manage larger P&L’s and negotiate harder. Thanks Dave & Alpine


Name: Duncan Bryan

Position: National Account Manager

Organisation: LWC Drinks

Alpine Accreditation #: 01008

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duncan-bryan-91360a59/

Dave's course has been really useful, giving a great insight into the off-trade. By using his wealth of experience, Dave makes the course relatable and relevant for anyone who wants to build upon their off-trade retail knowledge. I have been able to implement and use the new tools in practice helping to grow Signature Brands retail strategy.


Name: Cameron McKenzie-Wilde

Position: National Account Manager

Organisation: Innis & Gunn

Alpine Accreditation #: 01007

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameron-mckenzie-wilde-49845797/

The Alpine System that Dave has developed makes it super easy for managers and companies alike to train their account management team in a uniformed, succinct way, no matter how big or small the sales team. This in turn makes it much easier to measure performance, solve problems earlier and convert more opportunities into sales. Working with Dave is a pleasure he is very reliable, organised and hard working. I would highly recommend!


Name: Lindsay Fletcher

Position: Key Account Manager

Organisation: Innis & Gunn

Alpine Accreditation #: 01006

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-fletcher-26806375/

I've just finished 'The Complete National Account Manager' course with Alpine Account Management and can't recommend it highly enough. Having attended sales courses in the past, what stands out about this course is that it is tailored to the UK drinks industry meaning that every week the outcomes were relevant and could easily be put into practice in my daily role. A great mix of theory, case studies and exercises, split into hourly sessions, it covers a broad spectrum of useful skills used by NAM's working in FMCG such as understanding reports/data, negotiating with buyers, problem solving and communication. The course has not only helped to optimise my current performance but also allowed me to apply new skills as I work towards being promoted to the next level in my career. This course is interesting, engaging and well worth attending for anyone looking to hone their skills as a NAM or move to that level.


Name: Rob Newton

Position: Key Account Manager

Organisation: PMA Canada

Alpine Accreditation #: 01005

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-newton-70a30935/

I’ve just completed Alpine’s ‘Complete National Account Manager’ course and would recommend it to anyone currently working within the off trade world or anyone looking to move into off trade. Dave provides a well structured, well thought out course that uses his knowledge of the market, real life case studies and theory to give you insight on dealing with large retail customers. Weekly sessions and exercises build up to a full buyer negotiation where you can put in to practice everything you’ve learnt and take on ‘Dave the Buyer’!


Name: Pierrick Perez

Position: Export Markets Manager

Organisation: Innis & Gunn

Alpine Accreditation #: 01004

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pierrickperez/

I have been following Alpine Training 7 weeks courses and this has been highly beneficial for my skills as an Account Manager. Dave is very didactic, has got a deep knowledge of the FMCG industry, and his advice on tools and processes to implement to maximise the performance of a National Account Manager are invaluable. I'll will surely apply them to my daily routine which should deliver success at the end of the road. Thanks Dave for the learning taken from this course and I would recommend any National Account Manager (emerging or not) to consider it to step up their game !


Name: Iain Thomas

Position: Key Account Manager

Organisation: Innis & Gunn

Alpine Accreditation #: 01003

Course completion date: 27/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iain-thomas-27aa31111/

Fantastic innovate training course designed specifically for FMCG Account Managers. I attended this course during lockdown it provided all the tools required to succeed in this challenging environment -from forecasting and commercial proposals, to negotiation and planning. Highly recommended for new and established National/Key Account Managers in the industry. Thanks Dave.


Name: Paula Dickson

Position: Business Development Manager

Organisation: Innis & Gunn

Alpine Accreditation #: 01002

Course completion date: 07/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paula-dickson-26417141/

I have worked with Dave for several years at Innis & Gunn and recently completed the Alpine Account Management course. Both at work and in training he has been a great coach, and has been very supportive of my development. He has a strong understanding of the market, is highly organised, and has an infectious positive attitude. I look forward to working more with him in future!


Name: Hannah Boon

Position: BSc (Hons) Business with Marketing graduate

Organisation: University of Brighton

Alpine Accreditation #: 01001

Course completion date: 07/07/2020

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahmboon/

The Alpine Foundation Account Management course is one which has provided me with unbeatable and invaluable understanding, as well as in-depth knowledge of off-trade, and being an account manager. Dave’s expertise and experience, as well as positive training methods, are unmatched, as he provided continuous support to me throughout. As someone who is looking to move into the industry, this course has been unbelievably beneficial for me, and I know will be instrumental to my future success both in obtaining future roles and becoming a successful account manager. I know I will carry the new skills and knowledge gained through Dave and this course throughout my career, and would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to optimise their performance as an account manager within an organisation. Thank you, Dave!